Zusammenarbeit Reichenbach X dogBar

Collaboration Reichenbach X dogBar

The collaboration between dogBar and the Reichenbach Porcelain Manufactory since 2018 represents an exciting symbiosis between two traditional companies that combine their expertise and passion for quality and design. dogBar, known for high-quality and stylish accessories for dogs, attaches great importance to aesthetics and functionality. This philosophy is also reflected in the partnership with the renowned Reichenbach Porcelain Manufactory, which has been valued for its first-class craftsmanship and fine porcelain products for over 180 years.

Through the cooperation with the Reichenbach porcelain manufacturer, dogBar can expand its product range to include exclusive, hand-made porcelain bowls that impress not only with their high quality but also with their attractive design. These bowls are the result of a careful collaboration in which the traditional craftsmanship of the manufacturer merges with the modern and innovative ideas of dogBar.

Each personalized bowl begins as a blank made from the finest porcelain, which is then shaped with great care and precision by skilled craftsmen. The entire process, from the selection of materials to the final finishing, is overseen by masters of their craft to ensure the highest quality and perfection. The individual personalization of each bowl requires a high level of skill and attention to detail. Names, initials or special designs are carefully applied to the bowls by hand, often using traditional techniques such as brush painting.

After the individual design, the bowls are fired in special kilns at high temperatures to permanently integrate the colors and patterns into the porcelain. This step not only gives the bowls their characteristic hardness and durability, but also ensures that the personalized details are preserved for years and do not lose any of their beauty.

For customers, this collaboration means that they can purchase not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing products for their four-legged friends that meet the highest standards of design and quality. The partnership between dogBar and the Reichenbach Porcelain Manufactory shows that even in a fast-moving world, traditional values ​​and modern design can come together harmoniously.

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