Der Designer: Jiri M.R. Katter

The designer: Jiri MR Katter

How do you create new and timeless furniture classics?

By taking unorthodox paths and ideas. This is exactly what Jiri MR Katter has done time and again since he was 17 years old with various innovative and successful ventures.

As a lover and profound connoisseur of modern design, his ambition finally led him to found katter®_furniture in 2001 - a platform that allows the passionate autodidact to create sophisticated objects and furniture that meet his high standards of quality and aesthetics.

Soon after, with creations such as the sideBow or the dogBar, katter® not only became living proof that an “outsider” can be successful in the established design cosmos - but also received the highest recognition in the design segment: being plagiarized again and again by the competition.

setBase XL (DJ table), dogBar (food bowl), catBar, dogBar S (food bowl), beBoard (modular shelving system), setBase 2.0 (DJ table), beBoard 2. 0 (modular shelving system), fake-ups (stickers for MacBooks), noteBar (notebook table), forestBe (picture holder), bedBase (bed frame), dogBar M sngl (food bowl), dogBase (dog bed), plantBar (plant holder), sideBow S (sideboard), sideBow LT (lounge table), bookBe (side table), glassesBar (glasses holder), oysterBase (armchair), leafBar (side table), shelfBase (shelf system), steckBar (socket), hangBe (modular wardrobe), catBar sngl (food bowl), dogBar S sngl (food bowl), wallBowl (key holder), jazzBe (table), mouldBe (chair), comfyBase aka practical (breakfast tray), tabBarry (table) (...)

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