Manufaktur Produkt des Jahres 2019 - <br>Liebling der Jury

Manufactory Product of the Year 2019 -<br> Jury favorite

Favorite of the jury 2019 - Prize of the German Manufactories

We are very happy to have received the German Manufactory Award in the category "Favorite of the Jury".

It was a great event in the Scheibel distillery with many interesting people and products, such as Güde Messer, Poschinger Glasmanufaktur, Anker Stein, Clearaudio Electronic, Torben Hansen, Flair and the Reichenbach porcelain manufactory. We would like to thank the Deutsche Manufakturen eV for the successful evening as well as for this great award.

We are particularly pleased that our efforts to cooperate with German companies are being recognised. After all, Made in Germany is a guarantee of quality, high standards in environmental protection and occupational safety and, of course, short distances. For us, these are important and contemporary factors that we are happy to pay close attention to.

For information:

The Association of German Manufactories e. V. has been awarding the German Manufactory Seal since 2013.

It consists of the protected figurative mark of the three Ms in the colors black, red and gold, which are combined as a crown, surrounded by the words "Deutsches Manufakturen Siegel" and z. B. with the additional statement "tested & certified".

The seal is awarded to companies that, according to our association, are rightly referred to as manufactories today. The seal provides orientation and also serves to protect consumers.

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